Why Cremation Is A Better Solution to Send-Off Our Loved ones

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When death robs us, our beloved ones, we become traumatized. The situation becomes worse because we have to deal with burial arrangements, clear bills such as mortuary or hospital bills, and incur other expenses required to give the dead a decent send-off. During these difficult times, cremation companies such as markbshawmortuary.com can make it relatively easy for the family of the bereaved. How? Cremation is the answer. Why is cremation considered a better solution to send-off our loved ones?

1. Preserving the Environment

Cremation helps to preserve our environment in a big way. This exercise minimizes cutting of trees to make caskets; hence, you send-off your departed one while taking care of the environment. Furthermore, the land is becoming scarce, with the cemeteries being filled up, leaving no space to lay more people. Therefore, when you opt for a cremation service for your loved one, you will be playing a crucial role in preserving the environment in terms of reducing deforestation and saving land by reducing graves.

2. Less Hassle

Organizing for a burial can be hectic. Right from buying a casket to searching for a grave and preparing it to buy flowers for the grave, the whole process can be challenging, and cost can rise rapidly. This is on top of the devastation that the bereaved family has to deal with due to the passing of their loved one. If the family isn’t careful, they are left with a huge debt to deal with after sending-off their loved one.

However, cremation makes the whole process of sending-off your departed one easy and with less financial constraints. You will not have to buy an expensive casket, buying or leasing a grave, and buying flowers, among other things that make a funeral extremely expensive. What you will be charged to cremate the body of your loved one is way much cheaper compared to planning for a burial ceremony.

3. More Memorable

Ones you bury someone, no matter how important they were in your life, their memories will start to fade away after some time. However, cremation ensures you have more than a picture of your loved one to help you keep the memories of your loved one for a long time to come. After cremation, the remains of your loved one can be put in a special urn that you can carry with you even when you are on the move. This keeps you linked with your loved one, even if they aren’t with you physically.

Cremation is a better way to send-off your loved one compared to organizing a burial ceremony. However, it can only be a better alternative if it is done by a good cremation company, such as markbshawmortuary.com. Get in touch with us today; we help you to give your loved one a decent send-off.