Which New Development is Helping Expand B2B e Commerce Opportunities

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Selling products from one business to another through B2B ecommerce solutions is a trend that is skyrocketing and shows no signs of letting up. Isn’t it time you discovered how to leverage the power of e-commerce platforms to improve your business customers’ experiences and boost your profits? By learning about the latest trends in this milieu, you can do just that.

The Millennial Advantage

The millennial generation has graduated from college and moved up the ladder toward success. These days, many of the movers and shakers responsible for making purchasing decisions fall into this demographic. All of their lives, they have taken digital interactions for granted, and they are as fluent in the online setting as they are in speaking their own mother tongue. When they are tasked with the job of buying products, their first inclination is to go online, using search engines, social media and crowdsourced reviews to decide which vendor should get their dollars. For you as a B2B seller, it is crucial that you are visible and transparent, communicating your credibility and value to the customer right away. If you don’t, you are virtually guaranteed to lose the sale.

Mobile Optimization

The mobile phone is as ubiquitous for B2B purchasers as it is for individuals. Your site should be built and maintained with mobile purchasers in mind. When constructing your purchasing protocols, tailor them to someone who is using their thumbs to input data. Also, make your videos vertical and enhance them with subtitles. Boost your social media presence, and provide a shopping cart and payment solution that allows for fast one- or two-click buying using preloaded information and tools such as Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and PayPal.

Adopting Content Marketing

Just like individual customers, business buyers want to know what sets your products and services above the rest. Providing content in the form of blogs, customer testimonials and social media posts can go a long way toward establishing your credibility. That is the first, essential step in building trust, and once you have trust, the sales will follow.

The Power Of Video

In an era when savvy 6-year-olds have their own YouTube channels, it should be no surprise that videos are the content marketing solution of the present and future. Being able to provide prospective customers with visual and auditory images of your products, their benefits and how to use them can bring the buyer much closer to that all-important commitment to open the corporate wallet. Once they do, you should consider incentivizing them to provide a written or video review. By so doing, both of you will win: they get exposure and publicity while you get validation and affirmation of the quality of your Read the rest